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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> glenn: tomorrow, when you wake up. just think flowers. and random acts of kindness. from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the u.s. commits to supporting libyan rebels with equipment but no money and no manpower. it has been a year since the start of the gulf oil disaster. we'll see how one area has changed. are we literally on top of a possible solution to much of the country's energy needs? live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good eveningment i'm bret baier. libyan rebels begging for help from the west are getting some from the american taxpayers. the u.s. is committing millions of dollars worth of assistance. france vowed to increase airstrikes and more european military officers are on the way. correspondent james rosen reports from the state
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department. >> president obama's decision to supply millions of nonlethal aid to the tnc was conveyed to congress in brief letter of memorandum from the state department. meeting with haiti's president elect today. secretary of state hillary clinton listed for reporters what kind of things the u.s. will be sending over. all of which will be drawn from existing federal investors. >> some of the items are medical supplies, uniforms, boots, personal protective gear, radios, meals, there are no new purchases. this is not a blank check. >> americans foreign service officer chris stevens spent two weeks in benghazi meeting with the tnc. sessions that clearly factored in the case that the state department made for supplying the aid. provision of this assistance is important to the national interest of the united states, the official memo stated. adding that the tnc publicly rejected terrorism, embraced
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geneva convention. >> there is a cohesive leadership structure to the tnc. we have been dealing with them there is a leadership there. that we believe can properly utilize the equipment. >> unlike france and itly the u.s. has not seen fit to recognize the tnc as the legitimate government. france, italy and great britain has gone another step further than the u.s. by announcing they are sending military personnel to libya to advise the rag-tag rebel forces. >> we'll go where they show us. verify the security conditions to provide important know-how to those who need to face professional army. >> meantime, gaddafi regime continued the two-month seize of misurata. human rights activists cited death of 270 people in the city. but the toll is likely higher. >> talking to international investigators are saying they are looking to whole post of allegation and force that the forces raised and murdered and targeted civilians in places
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like misurata. >> late today, senior spokesman for the rebels said they withoutn't mind having foreign ground forces in their country if it was the only way to protect civilians and assure the state passage for humanitarian aid. no harm in that at all said the spokesman. >> james rosen live at the state department. thank you. oscar-nominated war photographer and film director died today in libya. british born tim heatherrington was covering the conflict in misurata when he was killed. three other western photographers were wounded in the same attack. no update on the four journalists, including two americans being detained in libya. else where in the region, they opened fire on hundreds in yemen today. tens of thousands of protesters took to the street in capital of sanaa demanding the ouster of the president. the defense department says it will seek capital charges against a suspect in the uss
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cole attack. a suspect is accused of helping to attack the ship in 2000. 17 sailors were killed. 47 wounded. the original charges against al-nashiri were withdrawn after president obama took office. it was a year ago that oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico and triggered the worse offshore spill in american history. vigils and observances were held in several gulf coast states. kris gutierrez is in southern louisiana, to look at how that area is recovering from the disaster. >> the images of oil-soaked wetland and beaches will never fade from the memories of those who live and work in the gulf coast. >> it's not if there is another accident but when. >> some say it's still too early to issue new drilling permit in the gulf of mexico.
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>> i'm concerned about anotherb.p. disaster and concerned that the ongoing disasters, thousands we have every year will keep happening and it will be business as usual. >> from 2006 to 2010, government statistks say there are 40 spills of 50-barrels or more in gulf of mexico. no spills that large reported this year. if a spill does occur, the industry officials say they are ready. >> we have responsibility unlike anything before. i feel like we're ready to act responsibly in the event of another spill. >> they increased inspection. >> these are procedures that the industry said this would help. >> perhaps the biggest change, according to the helic energy solution group is having to a predetermined plan on how to control a spill response, utilizing several oil companies and their particular
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strengths. >> there is no more on the fly to decide which technologies were used or how to use them. >> helix used containment equipment, adding valves to use remotely operated vehicles a mile before the surface. this structure used to stop the spill or redirect the flow of oil has been recognized in six drilling permits issued in the gulf so far. >> we are in a road of progress, not at a point or will we ever be to say we have achieved the state -- safeness of oil and gas drilling in america's observations. >> today we learned according to the "associated press" that b.p. filed a lawsuit in federal court in new orleans against cameron international. it was supposed to be a fail safe to end the disaster before it began according to industry officials but didn't. back to you. >> bret: kris gutierrez live
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in houma, louisiana, tonight. thank you. crude oil shot up. futures settled at $111.47. gasoline added another .02 of a penny. the national average is now $3.84 a gallon. so what would you do if gasoline prices hit $7 a gallon? our latest fox news poll finds 70% of those surveyed would demand for domestic drilling. just 23% would accept the environmental regulations. restricting it and pay up. there might be another energy solution out there. involving fossil fuels there are reserves in saudi arabia, iran. china has a lot and russia has twice that much. the number one country for fossil fuel reserves is the u.s. which leads us to the subject of shale. and what is inside it. senior national correspondent john robert tells us there is a lot of natural gas, just waiting for someone to get it out. >> right now we're at 6,500
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feet. >> on farm land across appalachia, hundreds of drilling rigs are working 24/7 to tap a vast few resource. >> this is the marcelis shale. >> not much to look at, but crack it open the right way and it becomes important source of the american natural gas. >> i'm for red, white, blue btu. >> cracking the shale is a complex process. drill bits reach deep in ground and turn sideways to penetrate the rock. after explosionives fractured the shale, millions of gallons of so-called cracking fluid, water, sand and other chemicals are pumped in under extreme pressure to expand the cracks. freeing the gas to flow back up the well. the flood of companies pouring in to one depressed areas lit a fire under local economy. to wanda, pennsylvania, population 3,000 is a become town. hotel owner is putting the finishing touches on his third property. fully booked for the next 18 months. >> with the gas industry
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coming to town, we have missed the recession so to speak. this area did not get hit. we have been insulated by it. pennsylvania governor says shale could become important in his industry. opponents of drilling charge that he is in the pocket of the gas industry and criticized his refusal to tax gas exploration. >> if we start taxing one industry because they are bringing in a lot of money to pennsylvania, what does it say to other industries outside of pennsylvania that may look to pennsylvania to come here? >> the figures vary widely, but depending on whose numbers you believe, there is between 20 and 200 years' worth of natural gas in american shale, which would go a long way to reduce the dependence on the foreign sources of energy. as with any major manufacturerring process, shale gas is not without the controversy. >> put this on here. >> craig is taking a stand. no more fracking without new regulations.
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in 2008, cabbott oil and gas drilled a well 1,000 feet from his demick, pennsylvania. a month later his water well was contaminated. >> my daughter would get in the shower before school and she'd have to lay outen the floor and thought she would pass out because of methane in water. >> they cited cabbott for a faulty well casing that allowed gas to contaminate the aqua for. cabbott supply fresh water to the neighbors they settled with the state for $4.1 million. >> we believe that america does need to seek out the own natural resources. they leased acreage to east resources hoping for big royalties. in may of last year, huge wastewater pond leaked to where the cattle was grazing,
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forcing the herd to be quarantineed. johnsons don't expect they'll fetch much at auction next year. >> would you be comfortable eating meat there the cows? >> not really. >> i wouldn't want to take a chance. >> they may never know what the cattle drank. because of a government loophole, fracking is exempt from the federal clean water act. companies are not required to disclose what is in the fracking fluid. despite ordeals, johnsons are not against drilling. >> absolutely not against it. i'm for it. but it should be done in a right way. >> range resources ceo john pinker top agreed. in the past, his country was accused of contaminating ground water and used diesel fuel in the fracking fluid. now range voluntarily disclose what is is in the mix and tries to lead the way with nontoxic fluid and responsible drilling practices. >> we need high standard of care. companies that prescribe to that, we should go about the business. ones that don't, shut them
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down. >> they are using new practices and numbers that it's almost inevitable mistakes will be made. goal going forward is to minimize or eliminate mistakes. but it begs the question if a gas well that may run for decades contaminates aquifer, how do you fix it? >> bret: john, thank you. president obama practices medicine without a license. and apparently without the facts. we'll explain in the grapevine. another major washington battle could be brewing over political contributions and government contracts. when ford swaps your ride, you tend to talk about it.
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>> bret: pretty good day in wall street. dow finished at the highest level in three years. nasdaq -- sales of previously occupied homes were up
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increasing by 3.7%. to just over 5 million. president obama is in california tonight to begin a trip that focuses on money. what the government owes and what his re-election campaign wants. this comes as the administration considers new rules concerning political money and that is not sitting well with the g.o.p. white house correspondent wendell goler explains from palo alto, california. >> reporter: he mixed policy and politics with town hall meeting on facebook. >> i love doing town hall meetings. this format and this company, i think is an ideal means to carry on this conversation. >> later campaign was the focus at two fundraisers in san francisco. back in washington, republicans were up in arms about an issue they say would help mr. obama, draft executive order to require company with federal contracts to disclose political contributions. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said in a written
6:17 pm
statement, "no white house should be able to review your political party affiliation before deciding if you're worthy of a government contract." chamber of commerce officials say the draft goes beyond corporate donations. >> they are asking for not just the company activity but the officers and the even beyond that, the boards of directors of the companies. now, this is pretty outrageous. >> the chamber and white house has been at odds over contribution since supreme court ruled in early 2010, corporations and unions can pay for political attack ads anonymously. millions went in last year's midterm and much came from mr. obama political enemies and he complains bitterly about it it could be the oil industry or insurance industry or the foreign-owned corporations, you don't know because they don't have to disclose. >> jay carney said aboard air force once that the president feels taxpayers deserve to know how the dollars are spent in terms of the political campaigns. his goal is transparency and accountability. officials say the taxpayers deserve to know the contracts
6:18 pm
like those for defense equipment or highway construction aren't the result of political favoritism. but chamber officials see favoritism in who the executive order leaves out. >> who it leaves out are unionized employees who work for all of those companies that ironically are outside allies of the administration. >> the american federation of state, county, municipal employees was the biggest outside spender in 2010. mainly for democrat. president obama himself hopes to raise $1 billion in the 2012 campaign, the first time it had happened. will give him twice as much as the republican challenger. bret? >> bret: wendell on another issue, we are learning that the white house tried to head off standard & poor's negative outlook on america's credit rating which rattled the market on monday. what is the latest on that? >> it's unusual because the u.s. doesn't usually bargain for credit ratings with the largest economy in the world, we don't have to. there was a series of meetings in which officials tried to
6:19 pm
head off the s&p decision to move the rating from the stable to negative, arguing that democrats and republicans would basically outperform s&p expectations. now since the announcement was made on monday, the president himself suggested there may be no agreement before 2012. talks begin in a couple of weeks but mr. obama said at facebook, bad things will happen if the market becomes convinced that the congress and the white house are not going to deal with the country debt problem. >> bret: wendell goler traveling with the president in alto -- palo alto, california. this is a recent tweet -- it's alarming that the white house would encourage s&p to suppress a damaging fiscal report for obama's partisan speech." still ahead, congress tries to do something about the disruption at the military funerals. up next, giving airline passengers a fairer shake. [ male annouer ] is zero worth nothing?
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>> bret: you may notice changes the next time you go to the airport. a new terror alert system has gone online with two just two categories and no colors. you will soon have more clearly defined rights as a passenger. correspondent doug mckelway look at the new rules and what prompted them. >> in 2009, passengers on a flight from houston to minneapolis were stuck on a plane for more than six hours after it was diverted around a storm. >> no food and water and ran out of everything. >> upon landing they were prohibited from leaving the plane because airport security left for the night. stories like that prompted the department of transportation today to extend passenger protection. four-hour limit on tar mac delays in effect for domestic carriers will be imposed on the foreign carriers in the u.s. in addition, passengers who lose luggage will now be
6:24 pm
reimbursed for baggage fees as well as for the baggage itself. those bumped from a flight will be reimbursed double the price of their ticket. airlines will be required to disclose all hidden fees on the website. tough medicine for industry reeling from the tight profit margin and escalating fuel cost. >> the airlines would not make money if it weren't for passengers. so this seems like the way to go with the treatment of passengers. >> passenger rights groups have no complaint about the new rules. >> this is a dramatic change. >> if the government mandates something it has an effect down the road that we're in the aware of until it happens. >> airline industry group welcomes the rules with
6:25 pm
reservations. >> we like to rely on catchtition to drive change in the last few years you will have seen that the mishandled bag numbers dropped as well as the involuntarily denied passenger. >> approval of the new changes by government, industry and by passengers right groups is a welcome bit of good news that has been besieged over the embarrassment of the air traffic controller situation. new rules will take effect this coming august. bret? >> doug mckelway, live at reagan international. thank you. planes to automobiles if you have been bad behind the wheel it is costing you more in california and other places. >> cities appear to be broke but they're raising the
6:26 pm
traffic fines. >> i remember the park ticket was $30. now it's $50. i assume that speeding tickets will go up the same amount. >> no kidding. los angeles collects $1.5 million a year at the one intersection. the camera catches you run a red light it's $475. >> it's almost $500. i have three kids right now. hard the way they want to get you with the tickets. >> i don't think it's fair. dumping problems back to the people. >> not all people and to the all motorists. just those who get caught breaking the law. >> they say the fine is about the red ink, not running the red light. >> this business of using the fine and traffic fees as revenue sources is flat wrong.
6:27 pm
>> speeding bucks in colorado are up, as well. georgia added $200 surcharge for going more than 85 miles per hour. parking in handicap zone in portland, oregon, will cost $450. up from $190. drive ten miles over the speed limit in florida, $200 up from $156. expired parking in boston, double to $40. open tailgate in los angeles, $276. >> i don't make that money in one day. this is like half of my week. how can i pay for it? >> they hope to convince a judge to offer community service instead of paying the penalty. >> it's real high. something i can't afford. i have don't know what i'll do. >> if you can't do the fine or pay the fine, don't do the crime. while the adage is true, lawmakers coast to coast admit it's about raising revenue even at $500 for rolling right turns through this intersection and others like it across california.
6:28 pm
back to you. >> bret: staggering. william, thank you. the obama administration has some surprising news about greenhouse gas emissions. the president comes up with a medical diagnose foe analysis that may not be what the doctor ordered. grapevine is next.
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thank you very much. you're on e-trade. huntin' down stocks, bonds, etfs. oh i love etfs. look at you. why don't you show me your portfolio? i'd love to... i already logged out. oh no, it's easy, actually, to get back... see where it says history? there's a history? yeah, it'll take you right back to the site you were just on. well the last site... [ british vo ] and now, cycle complete. the male wildebeest returns to propagate the herd. [ animal grunts ] can you forward me this link? [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. >> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. president obama has had
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another unpleasant run-in with the facts. we told you tuesday he implied that the 2007 minnesota bridge collapse was tied to a lack of infrastructure spending. when it was caused primarily by a design flaw. and in fact that bridge was being refurbished at the time of the collapse. during that same town hall, president obama talked about pollution from coal. >> the challenge with coal is that although it's cheap, it's dirty. and it can create the kinds of air pollution that not only is contributing to climate change but is creating asthma for kids nearby. >> bret: the national institution of health disagree. the american lung association says the toxins by the power plant can cause attacks for
6:33 pm
people who have the disaster. 2000 british study found there was little evidence for association between children residential prox similar toy to coal mine and prevalence of asthma. >> the green house gas mission in 2009 dropped to the lower level in 16 years. it caused decreases in fuel and energy consumption. it increased by 7%. >> finally, there is apparently much more to audio recording of president obama at a fundraiser last week, unaware his microphone was still on. cbs mark knoller shared five minutes of 30-minute recording piped in the press area. knoller said the decision to deny media request for the rest of the tape was made by his editors.
6:34 pm
fox news sent a request asking the recording be released. democrats and republicans are teaming up to end practice by a small group of americans. it has to deal with protests at military funerals. shannon bream fills us in. >> so one has a right to disrupt military funeral. >> they set boundaries for those looking to disrupt the funerals at a time when grieving families are vulnerable. said a 300-foot buffer around the services and 500-foot buffer around the access route to service. i would beef up penalties against those who cross the line. >> family service men and women should have the right and ability to lay the loved ones with dignity and peace.
6:35 pm
>> many say it comes in response to the westboro baptist church. members target funeral of the seasonals saying their death service god's judgment. in march, the supreme court ruled in favor of the leaders of the church. after the father of a fallen soldier who was the target of the protest sued. the justs thes noted noted the church member speech cannot be restricted because it's upsetting. >> think have chosen for this particular mission and i don't see how they think anyone will stop them from doing that. >> in a written statement, margie fellps who argued the case in front of the supreme court and the daughter of the church's leader said, "the pandering pervert have no
6:36 pm
respect for man of god or law. that is out of bounds of the constitution. i don't know who the lawyers are advising the senators on this but they need to be fired for incompetence. there is a similar measure pending in the house and senator rubio expects quick passage saying no one in their right mind could vote against the bill in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> the soldier accused of giving classified document to wikileaks website has been transferred. bradley manning was moved from the marine base in virginia to fort leavenworth, kansas. pentagon officials say it was not a reaction to the international criticism over his treatment but because leavenworth can better meet the needs. his trial is months away. a second journalist killed covering the conflict in libya today. chris hondros died within a few hours of sustaining a devastating brain trauma.
6:37 pm
oscar-nominated war photographer and film director tim hetherrington died with injuries from the same attack. we talk about the latest u.s. commitment to libya and how the conflict is going. fox all-stars join me after the break. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bule. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today. today we're asking the crowd to try new and improved boost nutritional drink. oh! it's smooth, it's creamy. and fulfilling! really, really nice tasting. it's easy to hold. this beats anything else i've tried.
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6:41 pm
nonlethal aid to libyan rebels was conveyed to congress. secretary clinton talked about that earler in the day. >> some of the items are medical supplies, uniform, tents, personal protective gear, radios, meals, there are no new purchases. this is not a blank check. >> bret: not a blank check. what else is happening on the ground? bring in the panel. jonah goldberg, at large editor of national review online. charles lane, editorial writer for "washington post." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this action? whatever is it to supply rebels with the items and where we are in the war or what you want to call it. >> it feels like the contras from 40, 30 years ago. the libyan contras. it's a strange thing to have
6:42 pm
the nato allies complain about america commitment to nato. having some merit to it. it's a very strange thing that obama has gotten us into. i was in favor of intervention at the beginning when i thought it was an easy thing and momentum was against it. now hard to figure out why to support the success of the fact that leaving gaddafi in power would be so much worse than pressing on with the thing. >> bret: longer it goes on, the more embolden gaddafi forces are with attack on misurata and other places. the higher the chances are that gaddafi survives. >> i don't think the rebels need halal meals most of all. they need a more robust air campaign against gaddafi's troops. the unfortunate situation is the united states is the only one with the equipment to provide that. the ac-130s lethal gunship we have that were deployed early on and now taken off the
6:43 pm
table by the obama administration. because he does not want u.s. to be taking the leading role in this. the secretary denies this is a stalemate but it is until something is done to introduce superior force on side of rebels. >> bret: charles? >> if you listen to the items secretary of state mentioned she said radios. she didn't say these are nonsecure radios. if you ask yourself why would we be sending that rather than secure radios, just as easily done. the answer is we don't want to be seen helping the rebels to fight. which is odd if the objective is to dislodge and bring down gaddafi. this is a war in which obama has to intervene, not because he seeks success but because he wants to have a new experience in the handsoff interventionism. more interested in success on the ground.
6:44 pm
an experiment in a post american world, where america is not dominant, not leading, but diminished. that is where we begin. stalemate, and the french complain they are not getting timely targeting information because the americans are no longer in the lead. misurata is on the brink of being overrun after obama announced to the world that gaddafi had to withdrawal from misurata. non-negotiable. it turns out the demands are not only negotiable, they're empty. >> bret: politically where are we on support for this? democrats, republicans, president, administration, are they getting support from capitol hill or republicans? >> so far it's been just to let it go. let the president have
6:45 pm
intervention in libya. you are starting to see more democratic voices complaining about this and suggesting that it's illegitimate. it's yet to register i think publicly as a political issue. that could change if fall of a rebel control city demonstrates this is a failure. but a stalemate doesn't res ignate politically because it's a stalemate. it's blah and doesn't have impact politically. >> bret: jonah we also at the table put things through the prism what if this had been the bush administration doing this? would it get more attention? >> sometimes i feel like to say what if this was bush is the lowest form of pundit tri. but it doesn't mean it's not an interesting point. if it were bush, things would go bah lostic. it's unconceivable that bush
6:46 pm
did hit the way. he had an old fashioned notion that if you commit forces to battle you should try to win. you have don't get a sense that is going on here. >> there is resemblance the way that bush went into iraq. bush went in light. there wasn't preparation for what would happen next if it went wrong and in a way we're stuck with that here. >> they didn't hand it over to nato. >> toppled the regime quickly. >> that was the stated objective. this doesn't have the all-out objective to it. but there is a resemblance this the halfway attempt to get where you want to go without going in heavy at it first. >> iraq adventure took a long time to establish successive regime and democracy. eight years. he brought down the regime in three weeks. that was astonishing success and not light. it was heavy.
6:47 pm
i think the question about obama is why is he doing this sort of hands-off interventionism? number one, because he believes america ought to be in the nonleadership role. this is going to be his experience and demonstration of how it can work. hyper multilateralism. but the other reason is charles indicated it insulates him on the domestic front. on that he is succeeding but hell of a way to win a war. >> it's destroying the most important multilateral council we belonged to, nato. >> bret: next up, high energy prices and potential of other alternatives. shale natural gas.
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$4 a gallon gas really hurts a lot of people around this country. it's not because they're wasteful but if you are driving 50-miles to work and that is the only job you can find, you can't afford some hybrid, so you are stuck with the old beater that you are driving around to get eight miles a gallon. the gas prices are killing you right now. so, this is the reason why i said that it's so important for us to invest in new approaches to energy. >> president obama at the facebook event a short time ago there you see the comparison
6:52 pm
today where oil is per barrel. and when he, president obama was inaugurated january 20, 2009. the price per gal listen of gas. comparison there as well. he told the story before a little differently at different town halls. back with the panel. about energy, we're now one year after the b.p. explosion and oil spill. what about what this administration is doing on energy? >> well, the president did give a speech just a little while ago where he proposed program for energy independence, repackaging of a lot of existing subsidiaries for ethanol and other renewables and the like. he is kind of stuck on the drilling thing because he has the environmentalist party don't like it. but the public does. so he is trying to allow it but slowly. one of the consequences of that has been that offshore
6:53 pm
oil drilling production went down over the last year. i think that is a negative for him politically. at a time of high gas prices. we just saw poll by cnn the last day or two showing 69% of the public now favors offshore oil drilling. incredible considering the video people look at now about muck in the gulf. i think he is a step behind public opinion on that issue. >> the energy policy is particularly vexing. congressional research service came out with a report that the united states has the most energy reserves in the world by far. more than saudi arabia, russia and more than anybody. obama keeps going out there and talking about windmill and solar, though we don't win the car on windmill and solar. we run it on oil. the only country in the world that does not export the mineral and oil reserve in a serious way. leave the world as a role model. yet, no one is following us. everyone would laugh if we try
6:54 pm
to tell them don't develop their oil. and obama is tell brag s do your offshore drilling. bizarre position to be in. >> bret: the video is file of the gulf oil clean-up soon after the spill. governor jindal in louisiana wants to point out that there is still oil off the coast there. but that video you saw is not today vid owe. charles? >> when the president spoke about the price of gasoline is high, therefore i'm doing what i'm doing on energy, non-sequitur. it's, as jonah indicates, we're not going to run our cars on windmills in our lifetime. we have the fuels that we need. and we are not exploiting them. i think if we were to spend half the resources that we're spending on such pie in the sky experiments as electric cars, on getting the right controls, the regulation on drilling and deep water, ands a you reported earlier on the enormous new resort, which is natural gas, that requires new
6:55 pm
techniques that are potentially looting. spend the money on that. do our research on that. try to get ways to do the fracturing in a less polluting way. and to capture the gas in a less polluting way. exploit what we already have. it can be done. instead, he is talking about these wild technologies of the future. when he talked about the price of gasoline, he doesn't want to mention, saudi arabia cut back its production in march. which was a message. this is after obama literally bent a knee to the saudi king the first time he met him. message about their unhappiness with american policy in many areas. >> bret: quickly, all of the above is a powerful political tool you think in 2012? >> the problem with all of the above they contradict one another. you can't subsidize one thing
6:56 pm
that is an alternative to another. i don't think high gas prices are all barack obama fault they had a lot to do with the fed monetary policy and middle east and things out of his control. maybe the policy response is not at adequate but he is not to blame for the gas prices. >> bret: still interesting to look at the comparison. >> yes, although we were in a recession in 2009 which is the main reason the prices were low. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned for a surprise. new relatives perhaps of hosni mubarak? have been unveiled. or gaddafi. stay tuned. hey susie, why don't you use this ?
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it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business
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with the best technology rules. >> bret: finally tonight there is a lot of talk about the suggest session of hosni mubarak in egypt want and now there is discussion about muammar qaddafi with some new additions. >> libyan rebels are dismissing ideas of a peace deal that would allow muammar qaddafi to hand over power to his sons. heading up the


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